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This Moon Purse will keep your feet on the ground because you brought the stars down to you. Anyone who longs to go to space can carry a little bit of it along.

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Full Moon in the SkyHave you ever tried grabbing the moon right out of the night’s sky? On some nights, it’s so bright and seems so close. It almost seems like you could pluck it out of the sky with your hands. But… that’d be silly to try, wouldn’t it? Well, our designers wanted to craft a bag for those who’ve ever been tempted to hold the moon in their hands! They captured the enchanting look of our Earth’s satellite when they created this Moon Purse.Design & DetailsThis Made By Us design starts with a faux leather outer shell, which is shaped into a circle. The bag has printed graphics of a full moon on the front, complete with dark shading to recreate the geography of the moon. The zipper on top reveals the main compartment, which has just enough space for your phone and a few necessities. The adjustable shoulder strap helps you get a perfect fit. Whether you want to wear it with your astronaut costume or you’re just one of those dreamers who wanted to hold the moon in your hands, this moon-inspired purse is the perfect accessory for you! It’s just one of our many amazing cosmic accessories!

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