Monsters Inc. Women’s Celia Costume


Transform into Mike Wazowski’s girlfriend with the Monsters Inc. Women’s Celia Costume. Be hisss-terical this Halloween season with the Women’s Monsters Inc. Celia Costume!

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Dating is a Real MonsterIf you think that dating as a human is difficult, can you imagine what it would be like to date as a monster? The first dates could be excruciating. The classic walk in the park that seems so simple to us is full of complications as a monster. You might step on one of your date’s tenticles. And how are you supposed to take selfies together when you’ve got one eye and your date has ten? Who holds the phone, where do you look? While Celia and Mike Wazowski might have their difficulties, they figured out the most important part of dating. Tell the truth and show your affection! Are you ready to become a love interest in the world of Monsters Inc? This costume will start you off in the right direction, no monsterous dating faux pas required!Product DetailsThis licensed Celia costume from Monsters Inc will transform you into Mike’s smart, strong, and no-nonsense love interest. It features her scale-pattern dress with a faux fur collar and purple subtly striped sleeves. Mitts that flip over your human hands will quickly give you Celia’s tentacled look. The leggings have three stuffed tentacles on each foot. Simple purple shoe covers will also disguise your human feet. Finally, this costume is topped off with the show-stopping headpiece. stuffed snakes and one large eye will let you flaunt your monstrous identity as soon as you enter the room. Turns out, being a monster isn’t such a bad thing after all!

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