Monster Makeup Kit


Have your monster inspired costume or look come to life when you use this Monster Makeup Kit. This Monster Makeup Kit features a monster themed palette of four different colors and will have your face looking extra monster-irrific!

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Kiss and MakeupThere is no doubt that Halloween is the most magical holiday there is. That much is obvious. But its magic does have a way of riling people up! You and your BFF were planning on being scary monsters together for Halloween, but then things got a bit heated. You started competing with one another and buying bigger and better costumes to one-up each other. Now, you two are on the rocks and Halloween is just around the corner. Have no fear—it’s not too late to make this right and celebrate what Halloween is really about: fun, creativity, costumes, and candy! Just grab two of these Monster Makeup Palette Kits and show up at your friend’s house. You two can have a blast adding the final touches to your monster looks, and it will be impossible to say which of you looks more realistic. You both look so creepy and totally great! Product DetailsThis set is eerie-chic and features hues of white, green, purple, and black…you know, monster colors! There is an applicator brush included for easy application, and this makeup can be easily washed off with soap and water at the end of the night. There are even application instructions on the package!

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