Minnie Mouse Child Costume


Your little one can transform into Disney’s most famous feminine mouse this Halloween with this officially licensed Disguise Minnie Mouse Children’s Costume!

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If You give Minnie a CookieWalking into your kitchen, you see Minnie Mouse standing on a chair trying to get into the fridge. She looks sheepishly around when you call her name in alarm, suddenly steeping down from her perch. “I wanted a milk because I was eating a cookie,” she says. Looking at her in her cute little dress, you can’t help but relent with a smile.“Ok,” you say, “I’ll get it for you.” Settling her down at the table, you pour a glass of milk and get her another cookie as well. Whatever you can say about having Minnie Mouse in the house, the cuteness is probably the best part. Just sitting at the table, chowing down on some milk and cookies with the friendliest mouse around is a story in itself!Dressed to ImpressWhether you are sticking around to care for Minnie herself, or just have a soft spot for mouse-themed outfits, you will love this Disguise Minnie Mouse Child Costume. This pink and white dress is covered in the characteristic polka dots that grace all of Minnie’s best outfits, as well all the princess-y details that will make any kid happy. The mouse ears and little bow complete the look with a flourish!Mouse in the HouseIf you are looking for the perfect Minnie Mouse costume for your child this year, then you will love this one! Seeing your child run around as Minnie will be a constant delight. Just make sure there are no large cats around!

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