Minion Dress Costume for Adults


Dress up this Halloween season in this Adult Minion Dress Costume. This costume resembles the look of the Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Top the look off with the headpiece.

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Minions Just Wanna Have Fun  Minions aren’t exactly evil. They just can’t resist a good time! Sure, their boss might have a grand plan to make a name for himself by stealing the moon, which will probably throw off the global ecosystem and possibly cause mass extinctions, but it’s not the Minions’ fault! They jumped on board the Despicable bandwagon to enjoy the ride and maybe operate massive weaponry. If making your own fun and maybe a few bad decisions sounds familiar to you *wink wink* than make a Minion your mascot for an evening! You can blame any misdeeds on your alter ego. Blow up the world? Who, you? Product Details Let your inner mischief-maker out to play in this officially licensed Adult Minion Dress Costume! The blue jumper ends at midthigh and features Gru’s signature decal on the chest, just like the Minions’ famous blue overalls (although this is even cuter than their uniforms!) Wear it over the long-sleeved yellow shirt and slip on the stocking cap. The cap has one eye inside an oversized goggle so that you can look like Stuart! Blaster, shrink ray, and getaway vehicle not included. Tiny TerrorBetter stock up on bananas, because running amok and causing mass chaos is hungry work! Enlist some friends to join you, because creating a band of fellow troublemakers is far more fun than working alone. Plus, you can form an awesome karaoke group for singing “Copacabana.” Who’s up for partying after we finish our heist? 

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