Minion Costume for Toddlers


Turn your Toddler into everyone’s favorite yellow helper with this Toddler Minion Costume. This costume features yellow sleeves, overalls, and a matching hat with goggles!

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Same DifferenceCall us crazy, but we’re pretty sure that Despicable Me Minions are just toddlers in disguise. They have irrepressible, adorable giggles, babble semi-incoherently about random things like bananas and farts, and have a goofy sense of humor. They live for snack time – especially if bananas are being served. They love to sing, cause trouble, and sow destruction wherever they go. Their temper tantrums can turn them into uncontrollable purple rage monsters. And just when you are completely fed up with their shrinking-the-moon antics, they disarm you with their utter cuteness. Seriously. They could have just burned down the world, and all they have to do is look at you with those big eyes for you to melt and forget all about being mad. Product Details Dress your child as his animated alter ego for Halloween in this Minion Costume for Toddlers! The unisex jumpsuit is designed to look like the Minions’ famous blue overalls over a yellow mock turtleneck shirt. Gru’s graphic is printed over the pocket on the chest. Add the hat/mask combo for an extra adorable detail! The mask looks like the top of a Minion’s head, complete with a pair of safety goggles. When pulled down over the eyes, it has two peepholes for your child to see through. World DominationThe Minions’ real power is their cuddly appearance and sweet babble. They get away with all of their crimes because the public and authorities are too disarmed by their cuteness to stop them in their tracks. That’s ok – we wouldn’t mind them ruling the world! 

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