Minecraft Steve Block Head for Adults


Dive into the world of Minecraft with the Adult Minecraft Steve Block Head! Finish off your Minecraft Steve costume with the Minecraft Steve Block Head for Adults.

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Your CraftingWhen you were asked to join a group Minecraft costume, you shrugged and agreed. Minecraft had never been your thing, but you knew enough about the game to understand you could wear just about whatever in-game and just had to carry a diamond pickaxe to seem cool. Well, you knew exactly where to find the pickaxe—that was your initial reason for coming here—and your closet is full of easy-to-wear clothes that could easily be found or combined into something Minecraft-y. But then your friend showed you their entirely square-shaped costume complete with accessories and laughed at your low-effort idea before suggesting you should at least try to look like the base playable character, Steve (whom you know even less about.)Product DetailsLuckily, we’re here to help with this Minecraft Steve Block Head! For any newbie on the Minecrafting scene, the skin options are thin. But Steve is an icon! So, even without a deep understanding of the character, you should feel honored to become him. As one of two base looks, Steve’s simple brown hair, blocky smile, and unflinching stare put players in a no-nonsense headspace to start their adventure in mining, building, and facing Creepers. Inspired by Steve’s simple but sturdy design, this square mask is print with his familiar look and given mesh screens, so you’ll retain partial visibility. Pair with a DIY Minecraft ensemble or explore our cavern of Minecraft costumes for a leveled-up look that’ll fit with any group of Minecrafters!

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