Minecraft Netherite Sword


Any fan of Minecraft would be so thrilled to get this Netherite Sword. Take it with on your Halloween adventures to your next party or use it for a year-round prop or display!

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Sword Ranking 101Wood, gold, stone, iron, and diamond weapons are all good for cutting through cobwebs and taking out mobs, but netherite swords are the best of the best! Even Creepers might stop in their gross tracks when they see a netherite weapon being swung in their direction. Product DetailsComplete an amazing Minecraft costume with this officially licensed Minecraft Netherite Sword Accessory! The molded plastic sword’s blade is twenty inches long with a ten-inch hilt and painted with gray, mauve, black and brown squares for a pixellated look. Anyone dressed as a skeleton, a witch, or a spider might run when they see you coming! Defend Your MineWhen you’re not digging for valuables or building a cool mansion, you’ll need to protect your property from the mobs. Stop enchantments and gain incredible points for attack damage! But make sure you don’t swing it in the house. Someone more powerful than a Creeper might get angry. 

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