Minecraft Gold Pickaxe Tool Accessory


The Minecraft Gold Pickaxe Accessory is the perfect accessory to your Minecraft themed costume! Or just keep it at home to break up all those pesky rocks in your yard…

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The Quick ToolEvery Steve needs a tool. Every Alex needs something to start with! Every Minecraft player needs a pickaxe. Now, the Golden Pickaxe might not be the sturdiest or most durable tool (it can’t mine some of those tougher materials), but it’s quick… and when you’re keeping your eyes open for Creepers, speed is a must! That’s why many a Minecraft player has come to value the Golden Pickaxe!Whether you’re an avid Minecraft player yourself, or you’re trying to outfit the gamer in your life with the best of the best, then this Golden Minecraft Pickaxe Tool is exactly what you need! It’s officially licensed from the video game series, making it the perfect accessory for any gamer.Product DetailsThis toy axe is made out of molded plastic (sorry, no gold ore here). It measures nearly 15 inches long and features a pixellated design that’s inspired by the game. The “pick” portion has a slight gold hue to it to resemble the Golden Pickaxe from Minecraft. We wouldn’t recommend trying to harvest any materials with this version, but it does make a great addition to any Minecraft costume. And the best part? You don’t have to spend all day collecting materials to craft it.

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