Minecraft Creeper Mask


The Minecraft Adult Creeper Mask is a must have for any Minecraft gamer! Finish off your Minecraft creeper costume with this perfect Minecraft Creeper Mask.

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BlockheadCreepers are notoriously mischievous. One second you’re just minding your own business, trying to dig up a few diamonds and then the next second there’s a blocky green dude standing behind you. Of course, that’s when the explosion happens, obliterating everything you’ve built in the vicinity. You’ll spend most games trying to avoid contact with them, but what if there was another option. What if… you decide to become a Creeper yourself?Just think about it. You could be a mischief maker too! Now, we’re not suggesting that go around ruining other players’  constructions like the real Creeper does, but maybe you could toss this Minecraft Creeper mask on and scare a few unsuspecting builders! Product DetailsThis officially licensed Minecraft mask is an adult-sized mask that’s designed to look like the Creeper! It’s a full-face mask that has the iconic blocky shape. It features various green pixelated squares on the front to help recreate the video game style. It also has mesh-covered eyes for limited vision.Quick Creeper CostumeJust pair it up with your favorite green shirt and pants to quickly transform into the Creeper! Then it’s up to you to start causing a little bit of mischief!

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