Mexican Catrin Skull Mask


Keep the people guessing who’s behind the mask with this Mexican Catrin Skull Mask. With a fancy mustache and prominent teeth this mask is perfectly suited for a variety of costumes.

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Look Like Death and Love It!We’re always trying to change up our looks. Everyone goes through phases. You know how it goes. In high school, you might have plucked out most of your eyebrows for a pencil-thin look and dyed your hair jet black. Then perhaps you went into a colorful phase with red ombre hair and neon clothes that could be spotted from a mile off. Now, not all of these looks were flattering. Some of them were a little scary. But that’s okay, cause scary looks are memorable. That’s why we think you’ll love this new look. You’ve changed your hair. You’ve changed your style. But have you ever changed your face? Try it out this next October with an eerie skull mask that’ll really drop some jaws. Product DetailsThis skull mask will add a little magical color to any ensemble. Perfect for Halloween or a gorgeous take on Day of the Dead, the blue florals and dotted design is an easier way to create that sugar skull look. The latex material easily stores for many costumes to come! Looking for the perfect way to compliment this mask? Choose from the rest of our skeleton accessories to compliment this deathly look just right!

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