Mermaid Crown


Dive into the Halloween season with a splash with this adorable Mermaid Costume Crown Accessory! It’s the perfect accessory to complete your mermaid look!

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Aqueen is BornMove over, Triton. Get back to the mainland, Aquaman. There’s a new aquatic ruler in town, and they prefer the title Queen.When you set out to put together your mermaid costume, there were plenty of characters to draw inspiration from. Favorite movies, ancient lore, even epic poems offered suggestions on what your outfit could look like. But, you didn’t want to be another red-haired maven searching for untold treasures. And a siren felt too spooky, despite it being for Halloween. So, you came to us, and suddenly the Queen of Atlantis was ready to swim onto the scene!Design & DetailsPerfect your stunning mermaid ensemble with this exclusive Mermaid Crown! This Made By Us costume accessory is constructed from molded latex. The white-colored band features an all-over imprint of various seashells and gives this accessory the look of lace filigree but the feel of fossilized shells. Rising from the top edge of the wrap-around headband are larger coral-colored shells that provide this tiara a set of stylish spikes. Measuring 22” around and featuring an attached elastic band, this accessory has a bit of stretch to help it fit over your wig or natural hair.Royal SplashNow that you’ve claimed your place as Halloween queen of the sea, you may find yourself craving a little more time on the throne. Luckily, this Mermaid Crown is ready to make a literal splash! Made from latex, this whimsical accessory can go from October shrieks to summertime at the beach. Simply trade in your shimmering mermaid costume for a glistening swimsuit, and you’re ready to dive into the fun!

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