Men’s Western Pioneer Costume


There’s gold in them hills, partner! Dress the part when you go out searching for those precious gold nuggets or just to a costume themed event in our exclusive Men’s Western Pioneer Costume!

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Happy TrailsLet us guess: you wish that you lived in your favorite old school video game? Admit it, you dream of setting out West on an unknown adventure. You can’t wait to ford rivers, hunt, and trade for supplies for your family and wagon crew. We don’t blame you!Slip into this Men’s Western Pioneer Costume and you’ll see instantly that the whole world is waiting for you to discover it! Some costumes are classified as kitschy. Some are very, very trendy. But a costume like this is totally timeless. Not only does it call to mind a nostalgic time period in history, but it will also never go out of style as a Halloween look! It works well solo and as part of a group theme. Plus, the hat is cool enough you may just want to wear it on its own to trivia night. How resourceful! We think you’ll make a great pioneer. Product DetailsThis exclusive costume is definitely one of the few select clothing sets you should pack for your big adventure. It’s been expertly crafted for durability, which is important out there on the trail. It comes with the brown-and-white gingham shirt and vest combo, as well as the brown pants and period hat. In its neutral hues, you’ll look down to earth, and yet you’ll totally stand out.Fearless LeaderAdd your own sturdy boots (you can get them at any local trader or general store) and stock up on ammunition and food and hit the trail. You look more than ready! We’d follow you into the bear-infested, untamed wilderness anytime. Probably. How many bears are we talking about?

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