Men’s Voodoo Mask


This Men’s Voodoo Mask is a perfect mask for your upcoming masquerade or voodoo themed party! This half mask features a skull with the top top teeth, feathers and a faux bird skull and bones at the top of the mask.

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Ready for the Witching HourIf you’re ready to instigate some serious haunting, you have to make sure the spirits will be willing to chat! Crossing over into the spirit realm isn’t for the faint of heart and those phantasms can be really territorial! Of course, any Voodoo master worth their sacred salt knows a few tricks to get them on their side. The first step is making sure the spirits see you as one of them. That, naturally, means a magical mask. (So, I guess we mean supernaturally.) Product DetailsBe recognized in the realm of the dead (or hide your identity from mere mortals) with this luxurious Voodoo Mask. This is a half mask that features the look of an aged skull and its top teeth. The eye sockets are wide, providing full vision and feature tribal-inspired detailing on the brow. The top has bone and feather features to give your haunting look some real soul! All you need to be ready with is the mojo. Pass into the Spirit RealmWhen you’re looking to dally with the spirits of the other side, you better have your Voodoo Mask ready! They can get pretty riled up if they don’t see a face that looks familiar. Fortunately, this magic-looking mask will have you feeling pretty powerful, too!

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