Men’s Victorian Jack the Ripper Costume


The identity of 1888 London’s mysterious serial killer will be solved when you wear this exclusive Men’s Victorian Jack the Ripper Costume for your next spook-tacular event!

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A Historical MythWhenever you’re trying to craft the ultimate look, there are a number of places you can turn. History provides some excellent characters that are worth restoring to life. Comic books offer dozens of enigmatic heroes and villains alike that can be recognized on the spot! Then, of course, there are those celebrities that verge on myth, creating stories all over the world. So, why not become the best of all three worlds at once by transforming into one of the most mysterious and iconic characters of all time: the phantom of London, Jack the Ripper!? The Whitechapel Murderer leaves a lot unknown, and everyone loves a mystery! Bring this villainous killer to the present day and draw some real attention with our Men’s Victorian Jack the Ripper costume!Design & DetailsYou’ll be channeling one of the most enigmatic—and technically unidentified—killers from all time when you slip into this Made By Us costume. Our in-house design team was inspired by illustrations and assumptions about this historic villain and now you can step into the whole ensemble. Wear your own shirt and trousers and give yourself a Victorian spin with the printed satin vest, complete with a crushed velvet collar. The jacquard cravat keeps you looking elegant while the long black jacket will give everyone the eerie feeling of turn-of-the-century London. Top everything off with the top hat with the matching hat band. You can be sure this look will be historic!Killer IdeasTo ensure that everyone identifies you as the Whitechapel Killer, add facial hair to create some mutton chops—a classic style for the late 1800s. Of course, a toy blade at your side is a perfect accessory… though a friend in a courtesan costume will have anyone raising their eyebrows in alarm!

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