Men’s Suave Swordsman Costume


Looking for a way to show off your swordsmanship in style? You will be sure to wow the crowds when you are dressed in our Men’s Suave Swordsman Costume!

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Swift ThinkingSome Halloween parties call for some quick crowd control. People tend to really let loose when the night comes around, and there can be squabbles over any and every little thing. If things start to get out of hand, just slip into this Men’s Suave Swordsman Costume and dazzle everyone with your good looks and charm. Plus, there’s nothing like seeing a sword (and someone who knows how to use it) to help keep the masses in line, right? Right!Dressed as a dapper dueler, no one would dare break a vase or move a single pillow. No one would dare take the last pumpkin cupcake from the food spread. No one would dare bring stale candy from last Halloween and try to pass it off as new. We don’t blame them! You look absolutely formidable from feather to toe! It’s hard to tell if we’re swooning or shaking in our boots—either way, it’s an exhilarating feeling the moment you take ten paces into the party. Product DetailsThis exclusive costume comes as a complete look! It includes the amazing jacket and pants, the (fabulous, if we do say so) feathered hat, and a handy pair of boot covers. True transformation into your new character comes from the details. The finish of the coat, the perfect puff of the sleeves, the cuff detailing, the brilliant display of buckles—they all help to transport you to a bygone era and allow you to appear as the skilled and ruthless swordman you were born to be!Total TransformationAll you need to transform your identity is, you know, the sword itself. We know sword selection is a very personal matter, so we trust you to choose wisely and practice constantly to hone your skills before the big night! Don’t let all your power go to your head!

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