Men’s Steampunk Wrist Guards Accessory


Headed to a comic con or steampunk convection soon? Snag yourself these Men’s Steampunk Wrist Guards Accessory to really put the finishing touch on your cosplay! This features a brown leather like material with gold colored clockwork mechanisms on the fro

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Anachronistic StyleWhat is it that brought you to this mysterious place? This world of nuclear energy and gothic grunge? Clearly, something went wrong when you activated your steam-powered ship for the next trip. But, the real question is what you’ll do now! With your New-Age Victorian appearance, will you be a king of the realm or will you stand out as an oddity? (Well, we suppose that depends on if you’ve arrived at the scene of a Steampunk convention or not!) Product DetailsWhether you’ve been displaced by time or you’re fitting in perfectly with the retrofuturistic world of Steampunk society, we’ve got just the accessories to help you enjoy the heck out of it. Try this Steampunk Wrist Guard on for size. The faux leather guard features rivet and cog decorations along the gold-leaf inspired accents. Buckle it around your wrists or just wear one for some truly asymmetrical stylings. After all, when you’re in a Steampunk world, there are no rules but fun!Look Out of this WorldWhether traveling on steam-powered airships or blending the past and future together, you’ll be braced for anything with this pair of Steampunk Wrist Guards. Add another cog to the steam machine with our other Steampunk accessories and sail into the gentle skies in your otherworldly style. 

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