Men’s Shark Costume


Chomp! You’ve always had dreams of being an aquatic killing machine. This Men’s Shark Costume just gives you the chance to act like one. Sorry, no gills included.

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Competing HolidaysScheduling out your festivities can be really difficult. That’s especially true if you’ve been told that you only get one costume. Now, we think restricting yourself to only a single annual transformation is an awful fate, but if that’s your lot in life, how do you choose? We find that blending two holidays together is the way to go.So, besides Halloween, what is your favorite time of the year? We can see that gleam in your eye. It is Shark Week, isn’t it!? Watching those majestic aquatic predators fearlessly rule over the sea is extraordinary to see. Some find it thrilling, others find it rather calming and soothing, but you’re a bit different, aren’t you? You see it as a way of life!Design & DetailsIt’s time to link your favorite holidays together and add a little Shark Week to your Halloween. Become the king of the sea with this Shark Costume. We made it ourselves for a shark enthusiast such as yourself. It has a glorious dorsal fin and a terrifying collection of teeth. You’ll feel ready to jump six feet out of the water and do a double backflip. You may have a sudden urge to jump in the water to join your shark brethren, but… we wouldn’t suggest you follow that desire. They swim up to 35mph! If you can’t keep up with them you’ll be the laughing stock of the sea. Instead, focus on being the real killer at the costume party!Stylish for Shark WeekWith this Shark costume, you’ll have your Halloween fun ready to go. But, bonus! You’ll also have a perfect get-up for when Shark Week comes around! Are you ready to give friends and family some high fins? Just be careful when you’re chomping on your shark-fin chips and salsa. You don’t want to look too scary. 

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