Men’s Plus Size Victorian Ghost Costume


Show off your spooky side with the Men’s Plus Size Victorian Ghost Costume. This will for sure give your friends and family the scare you are looking for.

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The Gentleman That Wasn’t ThereThe first time our knocker rapped three times at twilight, we ran to the door, thinking that a late package had just been delivered. When we looked out the window, there was no sign of life at all. It could have been the wind, so we shrugged it off. A couple of nights later, we heard the knocker again as we were lounging in the living room, right next to the front door. These three raps weren’t accompanied by a gust of wind, or a visitor for that matter. The mystery may have gone on for years on end if not for the storm three days later. It was pouring out with just a street light illuminating the street. We were upstairs when the three knocks happened once more and when we peered out the front window, not expecting to see anyone, we saw a shimmery outline in the rain. It wore a top hat and carried a dapper cane as it slowly walked away from our front porch. The figure walked a few paces, then, as if sensing our shocked stare it turned and tipped its hat with a little bow. Design & DetailsThis silvery ghost costume features a tattered jacket layered with net along the collar. The attached vest has pearly buttons layered under a smokey colored jabot. The pants have the same marbled, smokey tone as the jacket and vest. The whole ensemble is completed with a top hat with netting layered over top. A Dark and Stormy NightThis costume brings to life the timeless Gothic ghost stories that Halloween-enthusiasts crave during Halloween season. It’s perfect for cemetery walks, ghostly tales by the fireside, and even a spooky depiction of one of Charles Dickens’s ghosts in A Christmas Carol. Complete this look with a dapper cane and a mysterious persona and you’ll be ready to take on the timeless role of the man that wasn’t there!

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