Men’s Plus Size Shattered Glass Disco Shirt


You’ll be dancing and grooving around the dance floor and the disco ball all night long in this exclusive Men’s Plus Size Shattered Glass Disco Shirt!

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Spice It Up! Is there such a thing as too bright and colorful? What kind of question is that? Of course the answer is no! When it comes to disco, the more vibrant your outfit, the better you dance! It’s a proven fact. Big personalities shine under the glittering disco ball, and everyone knows that your personality is larger than life. The best way to show off your talent and your sense of fun is to draw all eyes to you with a crazy rad costume! Product Details Boogie oogie oogie til you just can’t boogie no more in this exclusive Plus Size Shattered Glass Disco Shirt for Men! The bright purple shirt has a metallic finish that shimmers in the dance party’s bright lights. The wide winged collar is the last word in 1970s style. Pair it with some tight bell bottom pants and your favorite pair of shades. Get Down Tonight With a shirt this cool, you can’t help but own the dance floor! Bump and hustle to your heart’s content, or grab a few friends and start doing the Bus Stop. You’ll have everyone saying, “John Travolta who?” 

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