Men’s Plus Size Cupid Costume


Love might cause trouble but it also makes the world go round. Spread the love with this Men’s Plus Size Cupid Costume! Perfect for Halloween, parades, Valentines Day, and any other event.

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All They Need is LoveYou’re known as somewhat of a matchmaker in your circle. You’re responsible for many of your pals’ successful couplings. You’re a cheerleader for love, no matter the risk. You listen carefully to your loved ones’ lists of ideal qualities in a partner, and then you scour the world to help them find it all. You’re also a hopeless romantic. You’d fly anywhere to make your love known. You write letters (yes, on paper) and send them in the mail (yes, the actual post). You’re always looking for that perfect way to tell all the people you love just how much they mean to you. Well, look at you, Cupid! Bravo! The world needs more love flowing through it. You’re exactly the kind of person we had in mind when we created this Plus Size Men’s Cupid Costume! And…while you’re here and since we gave you this fantastic outfit and everything, do you think we can chat about our ideal love match for a minute? We hear you’re very good at what you do!Product DetailsStep into this one-shoulder romper and feel the magic of ancient gods and goddesses flow through you—or at the very least, feel emboldened by how comfy and cool you look! This costume is bursting with rich details—velvety wings, gilded accessories, a heart sash, and a little gold bow and arrow. It all comes together to make you into the picture of authenticity and authority in your field—the great field of Love. All You Need is LoveDon’t forget to use the magic of this costume and aim that arrow at yourself! After all, no one deserves love and happiness more than you, oh generous one.

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