Men’s Modern Combat Soldier Costume


Brush up on your strategic moves and complete your next mission when you wear this Men’s Modern Combat Soldier Costume. You will be well prepared for any type of mission and this costume.

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The Brave and the BoldThe real heroes of the world, don’t wear capes. They’re everyday, normal people who step up to the task at hand. They’re folks who decide to give themselves to a greater cause. They’re police officers, who keep the streets free of crime. They’re the firefighters, who put themselves in dangerous situations to rescue citizens from harm. They’re the soldiers who enlist to protect their country. They’re those who decide to embrace their inner bravery! Deep down, all of sort want to be that kind of everyday hero. Well, with this Made by Us Soldier Costume, you get to feel like one of the brave men and women who put on the uniform every day!Design & DetailsOur expert costume designers wanted to create a costume that truly captures the look of the soldiers that serve this country day in and day out. This adult military-style costume brings you an authentic look, based on modern combat garb. It comes with a simple jumpsuit that fits with fastener strips in front. The exterior of the suit features a digital camouflage, jungle print. It even has functional cargo pockets on the sleeves and pant legs. The sleeve has an embroidered American flag patch on the sleeve to help show off your patriotic attitude. Finally, the cadet-style cap tops the whole look off… quite literally! It has foam backing and a stiffened bill. When you put it on, you’ll look ready to serve!Graduate from Boot CampYou can feel like a soldier when you wear this exclusive Made by Us costume. It comes with everything you need to craft your military look. Just add your best pair of boots to it and a few of our military-themed accessories and you’ll look like you just graduated from boot camp.

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