Men’s Metallic Cyber Alien Costume


This Men’s Metallic Cyber Alien Costume is the costume of the future, buy one now to fit right in. You and your lady can match this new cyberpunk style!

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I, AlienWhy does everyone assume that the eventual alien contact with Earth will be green-skinned and have antenna? We’re guessing that any extraterrestrial to navigate the crazy amount of distance between our planet and theirs would have to be highly advanced. Maybe they took technology a step further than we have and become one with their smartphone equivalents. If we saw a cyborg-esque being step out of a flying saucer, we’d rather befriend it than fight it. We’d try to encourage friendly relations by giving them a tour of all of the best Earth spots, starting with the ice cream aisle at our local supermarket. Aliens may have bionic legs, but WE have Moose Tracks! Hopefully that will impress them so much that they won’t pull out any probes. Product DetailsLook more awesome than anything H. G. Wells could dream up when you wear this Metallic Cyber Alien Costume for Men! The one-piece jumpsuit zips up the center back and is made of a comfortable polyester and spandex blend. It’s printed all over with graphics of wires, panelling and other images of complicated-looking technology. A silver color scheme with rainbow accents gives the outfit a holographic feel. It Has Begun!Let your friends know that the space invasion has started! Be advised: they might not be as scared as you’d like them to be. If the alien circuitry is anything like Earth computers, humanity won’t need laser beams to stop a takeover. A few spilled cups of coffee should do the trick! 

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