Men’s Leopard Platform Pimp Shoe


Branding is all the rage these days so if you find yourself in need of good shoes for your profession of choice these Men’s Leopard Platform Pimp Shoes will fit right in.

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It’s Called StyleListen, some poor cats just don’t get it. They walk down the streets, wearing a pair of dirty sneakers like it’s okay. But when you’re king of the street, you need to hold yourself to some higher standards. You need to wear the kind of shoes that will make some heads turn. You need to wear the kind of footwear that lets everyone know that you deserve unmatched respect and acclaim. You need these Leopard Platform Pimp Shoes.Product DetailsLoud, luxurious, and leopard print, these platform shoes take your outfit to the next level. The shoes are completely covered in a tawny faux fur material, complete with dark spots all over it. The generous heel gives you a height boost as you stroll through the streets. The front has a standard, lace-up style. Just pair these with your best cane, and you’ll be ready to claim your title as king of the streets.

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