Men’s KISS Starchild Boots


Walk around like you’re in a rock band with these KISS Starchild Boots for Men! These boots will have you singing your heart out to the greatest rock ‘n roll songs in history!

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Ready to RockAre you ready to rock? Really? Not without a set of rocker boots you aren’t. The right boots are a must! Does Starchild just stroll onto the stage wearing a pair of sandals or some old sneakers? No! He has a pair of intense, black and silver boots that look like they came from outer space. He confidently strides on stage with guitar in hand, wearing a pair of boots like these KISS Starchild Boots! If you plan on rocking, then you’d better strap these on your feet!Design & DetailsThese officially licensed boots are inspired by the ones worn by Starchild during KISS tours. They’re made out of a black vinyl material and have a lace-up front. Silver vinyl stars are stitched onto the sides of each boot and the large platform bottoms are a matching metallic silver. The top of the boots has a bright silver cuff to round out the whole look. You can pair them up with one of our Starchild costumes to transform into the legendary guitarist from KISS! Just be sure to check out all of our KISS accessories to craft a realistic outfit, so you can step on stage with confidence.

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