Men’s First-Class Sailor Costume


Set sail towards a great Halloween in the Men’s First-Class Sailor Costume. This costume is an exclusive, made by us costume.

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Ahoy, Sailor!Have you always dreamed about joining the military? Well, it can be hard to choose which branch is the best fit for you. Can you fly? No? Then you don’t want to join the Air Force. Only people who can flap their arms and travel by air are allowed to join that branch.Do you enjoy camping for weeks at a time, but without tents or proper supplies? Do you enjoy carrying 100-plus pounds in your backpack at all times and the delicious taste of mushy MRES (that’s meals ready to eat, for civvies)? No? Then we’re afraid the Marine Corps isn’t your branch.Do you look good in Army green? No? Then, in what is probably self-explanatory, the Army isn’t for you either.That leaves the Navy! Great choice! When you join the Navy, you’ll get to have the unique experience of living on a tossing ship without land in sight for nine glorious months (twelve if you’re lucky). You’ll get to see the world, but only at a distance, since you’ll never actually leave the ship. You’ll get to build friendships with service members across all branches, like when you ferry the Marines wherever they need to go. Yes, indeed, you’ve picked the best branch of all!Product DetailsShow up at your next costume party in ship shape with this Men’s First-Class Sailor Costume. The white polyester costume comes with a top, pants and hat. The sleeveless top features jaunty blue-and-red striped trim, along with a removable neck inset panel. (We admit, that’s not regulation!) Meanwhile, the white pants include shiny brass-tone buttons up the front and a blue stripe down each side seam. Finally, there’s a white sailor’s hat with blue trim.Anchors Away!You’ll be ready to sail the seven seas once you suit up in this jaunty sailor’s outfit. We’re so glad that we could help you find the right branch for you… What’s that? You can’t swim?Oh, dear…

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