Mens Firefighter Boot Covers


When the fire bell rings you have to be ready! Complete your firefighter costume with these Men’s Firefighter Boot Covers!

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NO TIME FOR SHOE SHOPPING!The lights are flashing.  The sirens go off!  There’s a fire somewhere in town and you need to get into that uniform and get on the road thirty seconds ago.  It’s down the pole, hopping into those bunker pants, strapping suspenders over your shoulders…But those boots!?  They’re supposed to be connected to the pants, but they’re always somewhere else.  There’s no time.  You can’t spare a second and those bunkers don’t give much in the way of rolling up the pant legs.  What to do!? DESIGN & DETAILSWell, stress no further.  Our design team has created the perfect solution to all your gearing up needs with these exclusive Firefighter Boot covers!  Just slide them up over your own shoes and — zap! — you’re ready to go!  You can even skip kicking off your normal shoes.  You’re practically saving time as you’re off to save lives!  SO, THEY’RE NOT FIRE RESISTANT… Imagine leaping into the truck and rushing to douse a fire.  You’ll look perfectly authentic in these Firefighter Boot Covers, ready to put out all the imaginary fires out there!  Okay, admittedly, they’re not actually authentic firefighting gear, but we’re only saying they’re good for putting out imaginary fires… so imaginary boots are the only way to go!

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