Men’s Fairytale Baker Costume


Cook up some magical concoctions in this Men’s Fairytale Baker Costume. Made by us, this costume will really get those cooking ideas flowing!

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Baking up something magicalDo you dream of being a baker? Maybe you really love creating perfect sugary confections, adding just the right amount of sugar and flour and milk to whip up a true masterpiece. Maybe you like perfecting super intricate techniques like the kind you need to make macarons or the perfect, perfect pie crust. Maybe you just really love cookies.Baking is great, and all, but have you ever thought about being a fairytale baker? Hear us out: Regular bakers use the same ol’ tired recipes for cakes and pies, but fairytale bakers get to create things like cupcakes that make you shrink and tortes that turn your hair purple. And they get to use crazy cool ingredients like dragons’ ears and toads’ tongues, not to mention pixie dust, witch’s brew and more. If you ever don’t feel like doing your chores for the day, you can whip yourself up an energy milkshake and clean the whole house in ten minutes. If you don’t feel like exercising, just create a muscle-growing-brownie mix that lets you snack on sweets all day and still lose weight. The possibilities are endless, if you’re a fairytale baker!Now, we admit, the job has its difficulties. Gathering those exotic ingredients like gnome toenails and phoenix feathers takes a lot of time, and a baker or two has met a fiery death in the pursuit of them. But that’s just a normal work hazard, right? And those rumors of bakers getting turned into newts by witches are totally just rumors, we promise!Product DetailsBake up some magic with this Men’s Fairytale Baker Costume. The exclusive costume includes a vest/shirt combo, an apron and, of course, a chef’s hat. The navy apron comes pre-smudged with flour stains for maximum effectiveness, while the hat is a certifiable fluffy chef’s hat.Recipe for successOnce you put on your fairytale baker costume, you’ll be ready to cook up anything. But… maybe have a friend taste-test it for you. Just in case.

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