Men’s Demon Lord Costume


You will be stealing souls and bringing them to the underworld with you in this exclusive Men’s Demon Lord Costume. As an added bonus, people have to bow to you and pay tribute.

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A little fire, a little brimstoneWhoa, whoa, whoa. Is that you whipping up all that fire and brimstone outside of town? We knew you’d be trying to make a big-time entrance, but isn’t this a little over the top? There’s practically a circle of lava around the town!Well, we get your point. You are, after all, the Demon Lord. Or, at least you will be when you suit up in this Demon Lord Costume! This costume is sure to have you looking like a real deal devil. And no, it won’t give you supernatural powers to wreak havoc, but it will have you looking like you could call upon all the fire and brimstone you care to unleash. Sounds like fun to us!And that’s cause we did, in fact, create this devilish costume style right here in our own costume studios. And it’s ready to help you raise a little hell this Halloween. Think you’ve got it in you?Design & DetailsThis Demon Lord Men’s Costume is a Made by Us exclusive that you’re only going to find right here at And we designed this costume to raise the temperature on Halloween fun. It comes with a shirt, cape, and horns, just wear your own jeans and boots, and add a little makeup if desired, and you’ll be a devil here on earth! A wicked and devilishly easy costume choice, we’re sure you’ll be a real devil when you choose this costume.Bring the heatDang. Is it hot in here, or is it just us? Of course, it’s you creating the heat, because you’re about to make a wickedly awesome costume selection for Halloween. And let us know how the big party goes, will ya? We always love opening emails about fire and brimstone!

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