Men’s Charming Prince Costume


She will be head over heels for you when she sees you wearing this exclusive Men’s Charming Prince Costume! Show her that you can clean up nicely for the royal party!

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CHIVALRY IS ALIVE AND WELLWho said chivalry is dead? Sure, the days of slaying dragons and saving princesses in distress might be over. And yes, you might have trouble finding an evil queen to foil, but that doesn’t mean that chivalry has gone the way of the dodo.These days, chivalry means giving your friend a ride to the airport at 3 A.M. in the morning. It means bravely slaying, or relocating, the spider that’s taken residence in the bathroom. It means offering to get off of the couch for the next round of snacks during a movie marathon night, so your significant other doesn’t have to. But mostly, it means putting on a dapper costume to match the one that your better half has chosen for the upcoming costume party. That means you might just need to be a charming prince for the night! And, of course, we’re here to make sure you look as handsome as possible while playing the role of a prince.DESIGN & DETAILSIf you need to match your better half or if you just need a look to match your chivalrous nature, then try this Charming Prince costume for size! Crafted by our costume designers, this costume is based on various princes from fairy tales and movies. It comes with a white jacket that has gold detailing and attached epaulets. It also comes with a bright red sash that has printed medals on the front. Finally, the blue pants have a regal red stripe down the side and feature an elastic waist for a comfortable fit!ESCORTING THE PRINCESSIf you’re escorting a princess to a costume party, then you’ll want to look your best! Wear this Charming Prince costume and you can whisk your princess away on a fairy tale journey. Of course, you could also just wear it around the house as you engage in your spider-slaying duties!

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