Men’s Bearded Woman Costume


Become the biggest attraction at the Halloween circus this year in the Men’s Bearded Woman Costume. It features the taffeta dress with satin insets & ruffles. Throw in your own beard and you are set to steal the show!

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A Braided Beauty Are you getting tired of a world where the guys are always the ones making the rules? Deciding who gets what and which style is going to be the most popular this season? Stroking their facial hair while doing their best to dive into deep thought? Well, it’s pretty well known that women can do everything men can do. Often, even better! So, don’t leave facial hair to be a man’s job. Show the world that a woman’s style can actually improve upon bearded behavior! Then again, the glory of a beautiful dress doesn’t have to be only in the realm of the women, either! Men could surely enjoy the feeling of fabric swaying at their thighs while they stride in style upon the stage. Perhaps it is a time for the famous looks of men and women to unite so we can create a look that will really be remembered!  Design & DetailsThe spotlight is about to give you the time in center stage and we’ve got a look that will make you grin from ear to ear… assuming folks will see it through your fuzzy face in this Bearded Woman costume! This Made by Us look was put together by our in-house team. It is a luxurious dress of dark red taffeta with satin details and more ruffles than a guy can count. The included hair clip is a lovely flower that matches the look of the dress. If you struggle with a beard of your own, don’t forget to pick up one of our beard and wig kits to complete your look! 

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