Medusa Headband Accessory


Turn your enemies to stone, or just look the part with this Medusa Headband. You’ll be the hit of the party.

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Stone Cold LegendMedusa gets a bad rap. Yes, her head of snakes turns men into stone with one look. But can we revisit why she kept on running into guys again? She wasn’t hunting down innocent men in bookstores. Imagine her laughing after she pulled a “Made you look” and left a clutch of bookish granite statues behind. That’s a pretty funny image, but it wasn’t her style. She tried to stay far, far away from all humanity. Those Greek soldiers just couldn’t leave a cursed demi-goddess alone when she created a challenge fit for a hero. So, yeah. There were casualties. But we would argue that if you go hunting for a head of snakes, you shouldn’t go crying blaming a demi-goddess when you turn into a blob of rock!Design & DetailsWear your crown of snakes with pride when you slip on this Medusa headband. The snakes are adjustable with a shiny scale pattern on the surface. The gold eyes and forked tongues will make your hairdo look like a living legend. Want to fully transform into your Medusa form? Pair this snake headband with one of our elegant Greek or Roman goddess costumes to bring this ancient myth to life!

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