Medieval Tavern Man Costume for Adults


Get this Medieval Tavern Man Costume to attend a Renaissance Faire or a Halloween party. Pair it with a tavern wench costume for a historical couple’s idea!

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To the Tavern!Back in a more civilized era of bar-hopping… when bars weren’t called “bars” but taverns and inns, and they were filled with the sounds of mirthful merry-making and slurred folk songs as opposed to deafening EDM beats… men dressed just like this fine fellow you see above. They wore fine velvet tunics and doublets, billowy long-sleeved shirts, and comfortable but handsome breeches (that’s renaissance-speak for pants). This iconic, historic look is exactly what you’ll get in our Medieval Tavern Man Costume!Made by us, this fine renaissance-era getup is perfect for any medieval outing, masquerade, or heck, just a trip to the good old neighborhood pub. And it’s a surefire way to look absolutely right at home lifting a goblet of ale at the next ren fair. When you’re wearing this outfit, the entire village will know that you’re down to do some serious medieval partying!Design & DetailsBut behind the scenes is important, too, right? That’s why this suit is both comfortable and easy to wear. The doublet has the classic “laced up the front” look without all the bother and hassle, and the pants have an elastic waist that assures you won’t have to worry about wardrobe while you’re out carousing. And you won’t have to concern yourself with buying that billowy, long-sleeved shirt we mentioned earlier. The doublet comes with attached long sleeves that have elastic cuffs. The Medieval Tavern Man Costume truly has it all for renaissance merry-makers. Just don’t forget to have a look around at our boots, wigs, and other medieval accessories!

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