Medieval Merchant Belt


Complete your unique merchant costume with this Universal Medieval Belt made by us! The Medieval Merchant Belt is adjustable and brings just the right touch to finish your costume!

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How to Attract CustomersStrolling through the market, you can’t help but notice fellow merchant’s clothing. The fancier the dress, the larger the crowd and the bigger the merchant’s smile. You can almost see the dollar signs in their eyes. But, you’re not sure what they’re selling is any better than the less stylish seller in the next stall. It’s probably not. But your product is, and you want people to flock to you and fill your pockets with golden coins instead of the lint you pick out each night. To get where you want to be, it seems you’ll need to upgrade your look, and we can help!Design & DetailsFinely embroidered tunics and quality-made trousers are a great start, but they’re nothing without a proper belt to accent your waist. This exclusive Medieval Merchant Belt is exactly what you need! Coming straight from our talented team of designers, you know you’re getting a well-made item. And you’ll be the height of fashion thanks to the belt’s modern faux leather construction. Not to mention the embossed pattern and shiny golden buckle. Just don’t forget your fancy feathered hat to cap your new and improved merchant look!Essential AccessoryWhether you’re gearing up to meet with your LARPing group or setting sail on a merchant voyage to collect Halloween candy, you need this Made By Us Medieval Merchant Belt. With its attention to detail and adjustable size, you’ll look your best in this fashionable costume accessory!

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