Maroon Afro Wig Jumbo


Get that evil clown or disco look with this Maroon Jumbo Afro Wig. This blood red wig is the perfect accessory to complete your costume.

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Scary HairHave you ever thought about it? What hairdo is the most frightening? It’s something that we’ve spent WAAAY too much time thinking about, but we have come to a conclusion. The answer is that a blood-red colored afro is the most frightening hairstyle on the planet. Why? Well, first of all having blood-red hair is a little creepy. Combine that with a clown-style afro and you combine two of the most frightening things on the planet: blood and clowns.If that’s exactly the sort of scary do that you’re looking for, then this Maroon Jumbo Afro Wig is exactly what you need!Product DetailsThis ghastly wig has a thick layer of synthetic hair on top. The hairs are maroon-red color, reminiscent of freshly spilled blood! The hair is styled into curly afro that sprawls over your head. It fits with a mesh cap that has an elastic band, so one size fits most. Simply place it on your head and watch your friends run in terror! We recommend wearing it with some of our freaky clown accessories to craft your own killer clown look.Don’t Let Me Be MisunderstoodWe SUPPOSE you could use this for a normal clown look! If you pair this wig up with some friendlier hair, we think this particularly clownish wig will work! 

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