Mario Women’s Toad Dress Costume


Become Princess Peach’s best buddy when you wear the Women’s Toad Dress Costume! Collect all the stars and become the super star with the Mario Women’s Toad Dress Costume!

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There may be a lot of girls out there that would choose to dress up as Peach, the pretty princess in pink, or her lovely yellow sister Daisy when Halloween rolls around but that’s not you, is it? No, you don’t want to be a damsel in distress. You’d fit in much better with the heroes kicking some Goomba butt! So check out this awesome Toad Dress Costume, it will be perfecting for helping to save the Mushroom Kingdom.Now a lot of people that played the Mario games know that his pal Toad is on the shorter side and can be a bit clumsy every now and again. So if you’re not the most elegant lady at times, don’t worry about it. You’ll make up for it with your amazing speed and impressive strength! For being such a little guy Toad is surprisingly strong. Pop on the included mushroom hat and you’ll be filled with the strength of him and the rest of the Mushroom People. Before you know it you’ll be saving kingdoms, left and right. You may make a certain duo of jumping plumbers a bit upset if they have no princess to save but hey who knows? Maybe they can finally take care of the kingdoms’ plumbing problem causing all those creatures to crawl around in the sewers below…Be one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters with this awesome Toad Dress Costume. Show everyone that the princess saving business isn’t just for guys with big bushy mustaches, it’s for anyone brave enough to put their best foot forward and be a hero!

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