Mario Child Accessory Kit


This Mario Child Accessory Kit is just what’s needed to complete your video game hero costume! Look like the classic video game hero with this quick and easy costume kit.

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Turn your child into Mario with the addition of overalls and a red shirt, or ditch the mustache and leave ‘em in a diaper for that Baby Mario look! Yes, that’s a character that exists simultaneously with Mario in the Super Mario franchise! Is it Mario’s child? No, it’s Mario as a baby plucked from earlier in time by Bowser’s evil wizard minion Kamek. Evil turtle wizard. Bowser’s minions are mostly evil anthropomorphic turtles. It’s a staple of Japanese folklore. No, nothing can ever be simple. It’s Japanese and it’s a video game––what did you expect?Our Mario Child Accessory Kit includes Mario’s signature hat, mustache and gloves. No, the gloves aren’t for balloon-fingered children, they’re stuffed between the lining and shell for an oversized appearance, just like everyone’s favorite plumber-cum-kingdom-saver. How did the Mario brothers arrange that career trajectory, and how did Mario get Luigi to agree to being called the “Mario Brothers?” Wait, their last name is Mario, too? That makes less sense than evil turtle wizards sending babies through time.

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