Mario Adult Mask


If your face doesn’t already look like a video game plumber’s, then this Mario Adult Mask will do the job quite nicely.

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That Mario, he must be some kind of genius. He’s made himself a master of so many different types of professions! One day you could find him unclogging your toilet, the next he’s playing tennis at a professional level, and then he’s competing in crazy, life-threatening, out of this world go-kart races. Mario is basically a modern day Renaissance man. We wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up at your office, looking to master yet another profession (showoff…) and make a name for himself at your company, on your turf! You better look out otherwise this mushroom head might just put you out of work and onto the streets with the rest of the Koopa Troopas. We suggest you take action and beat him to the punchline by getting your hands on this licensed Nintendo Mario Adult Mask. Wear it to your workplace and you’re sure to fill up the quota of mustachioed video game hires for your workplace.

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