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Your face is the canvas and your imagination is your limit for the designs you can draw with this Makeup Crayon Kits. You have been practicing for this moment ever since you started coloring in kindergarten.

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Crayon, You Believe It?You may be asking yourself why you should add this Makeup Crayon Kit to your shopping cart. What can thin sticks of makeup do for you? Who would want them? Why do they even exist? Obviously, we’re here to fill you in. A makeup crayon is the versatile tool every Halloween costume, kiddie carnival, and internet makeup artist can benefit from! Just think about the last jack-o-lantern makeup mess you created. Or the last time your kiddo missed the face-painter at the school spring festival. Consider the failed illusion face makeup you caught in a viral video recently. Believe us. Each could have been happier moments with this easy-to-use kit!Product DetailsUsing these professional quality makeup crayons is as easy as coloring! Simply choose your makeup surface and begin designing skulls, clowns, pumpkins, fairies, animals, and whatever your heart desires. The kit includes black, white, red, yellow, and blue crayons, perfect for creating simple or extraordinary designs. Draw a classic butterfly on your kiddo’s cheek to make up for that missed face painter. Create a wide-eyed anime stare for your cosplay. Or get wild with the cream-based crayons to create one-of-a-kind looks that rival your favorite makeup influencers. The sky’s the limit with this simple makeup set!

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