Macho Man Randy Savage Child Costume


Does your kid love wrestling, but has no chance of getting up tp the heavy weights? Let him show off his strength in this Macho Man Randy Savage Child Costume! Don’t let all that passion go to waist, he may get that extra weight eventually.

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Learning the LegacyHe’s the champ! The CREAM of the CROP! OH YEAH!Your child knows about John Cena. He’s heard about Finn Balor. He also knows all about AJ Styles. But when it comes to the legends, the classic WWE stars, you’re going to need to tutor him. Number one on the agenda? Teaching him all about Macho Madness! It’s the most important lesson when it comes to wrestling history.It’s true. We all take it for granted. We grew up in an age where Randy “Macho Man” Savage reigned supreme. He body slammed the best of them. He was the cream of the crop, he was too hot to handle and too cold to hold, and no other wrestler could match his skill in the ring. If you want your child to learn about his greatness, then you can start by dressing up in this Macho Man Randy Savage costume for kids!Design & DetailsThis officially licensed WWE costume transforms your child into the wrestling icon! It comes with a jacket that has a yellow spandex leopard print body with red faux leather sleeves. The sleeves have fabulous fringe attached to the forearms for maximum showmanship. This shirt is a matching yellow leopard print and red faux leather style. The pants match both the jacket and the shirt, and they feature an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. Finally, the costume comes with a red felt cowboy hat that finishes the vintage wrestling style.Macho Man RebornOnce your child gets into this Randy Savage costume, he’ll be ready to start learning the wrestling heritage that is Macho Madness. Make sure to teach him how to do the Macho Man voice while you’re at it, since everyone will be expecting him to shout “OH YEAH!” like the real WWE star!

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