Lion Plush Headband & Tail Kit


Looking for a cute but easy way to dress up for your next costume themed event? We have just the accessory kit you have been looking for with this Lion Plush Headband & Tail Kit!

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Party PouncerHunting antelope and attending a party don’t usually go hand in hand. But there are some elements of hunting that are pretty handy for a party. For instance, half of getting along with a crowd is in the timing. If you want to be a part of a conversation, you gotta wait for a moment, just like a lion does when the antelope wanders just close enough. Secondly, if you want to fade into the background, you’ve got to get comfortable. If you feel like you’re on edge when crouching in a corner, you may attract attention. Thirdly, eat when you can. You never know when those double stuffed roast potatoes are going to run out so don’t be shy. Go for it! Ready to pounce at your next party? Slip into this lion costume and you will be!Costume DetailsIt has never been so easy to transform into your favorite big cat! This set includes a sculpted lion headband with big eyes and a nice, fluffy mane as well as a tail. The long tail has a tuft at the end and can attach to your chosen outfit via belt loops or a belt around your waist. Go ahead and have a little pride in your costume this Halloween! 

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