Link Breath of the Wild Prestige Costume


Dress up as your favorite video game character in this Link Breath of the Wild Prestige Kids Costume. This costume is inspired by the video game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Nostalgia PotionA good dose of nostalgia can fix a whole lot of things. Remember the first time you wandered through the plains of Hyrule, a mere three heart containers to your name, with no steed, no shield, no experience at all? See the worries drift away, the weight on your shoulders lighten? Shortly after you were told “it’s dangerous to go alone,” you ventured forward with no clue what trials and tribulations laid in wait: giant, fire-breathing bugs, elusive lizard creatures, steely knights, and Ganon, to be sure. None of it was too daunting for you, but it did take some trial and error — and the right equipment, of course.Design & DetailsThis Link Breath of the Wild Prestige Costume has everything your little one will need to relive your fondest Legend of Zelda memories or recreate theirs. Modeled after the latest iteration of Hyrule’s hero, Link, the costume includes a blue pullover shirt with signature details, a harness that fits over their shoulders, a faux leather belt with hook-and-loop fasteners on the back, elastic wrist guards, suede boot covers, and — if that wasn’t enough — latex ears that slide over their own. Best of all, this cool costume is officially licensed, like a stamp of approval from Hyrule’s finest craftsmen.Don’t Go Alone!And with that stamp of approval, your little one can venture forward like you did so many years ago, confident in their ability and their gear. Those fire-breathing creepy-crawlies and other baddies will be no match whatsoever for their skill and cunning! Be sure to check out our Legend of Zelda-themed accessories, or perhaps a companion costume, to complete the look!

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