Light Up White Spectre Mask


Become a spooky ghost in one simple step with this Light Up White Spectre Mask! This costume mask is the perfect choice for fans of classically creepy Halloween costumes.

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Did You Hear Something? First of all, be cool. You went and watched a scary movie at the theater. And so what if your friends live on the other side of town and headed out together, leaving you to walk home alone? It might be a dark October night with ragged clouds scuttling across the moon, but you’ll be fine. Just fine. Was that a noise? It sounded like footsteps were following you. Don’t look around. There’s nothing there. Oh wait, yes there is. It’s a lone, hooded figure with…ok, that face is definitely NOT normal. Stop being cool and run for your life!Product DetailsScare and delight your friends with this chilling Light Up White Specter Mask! The molded mask features a terrifying, skeletal specter face with its mouth open in a sinister fanged grin. Viewing ports in the eyes allow you to see where you’re going, and the face glows an eerie white in the dark. Goes with EverythingNo costume? No problem. This mask IS your costume! Throw it on with a dark hoodie to terrify moviegoers or wear it with a Grim Reaper or a ghost outfit for full Halloween vibes.  

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