Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume


This Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume brings together creepy, dark and freaky in a way you probably didn’t think was possible, but it was!

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What if the world were reversed and all things bright and sunny were seen as super scary, and all things dark and mysterious made us feel warm and fuzzy? Well, then, we’d be living in your dream world!Claim your place as the Monarch of Dark and own up to your powerful love of the night. Since your favorite color is black, you enjoy horror movies just a little TOO much, and your second favorite color is black, this Lace Miss Darkness Adult Costume really suits your personal style. No doubt about it, this look will send a clear message: I live by my own rules. You keep bats as pets, exercise by strolling through the cemetery, and dine in the darkest recess of your creaky old estate. So dab a bit of baking powder on your face, you fearsome vixen, because we want you looking extra pale, Goth, and haunted tonight. This form fitting dress is made for a maven of moonlight, such as yourself. Just make sure to dust the cobwebs off it before you zip it up–or not; we totally trust your accessorizing. But we recommend a heavy, ink-black eyeliner, super-long, jet-black hair, and chilling coal-black lips to truly accentuate the eeriness of this sheath’s jagged hem and draping sleeves. Some peppy people like to remind us that “there is always a silver lining,” but we think a dark shadow–in capable hands, such as yours–is just peachy, too.

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