Labyrinth Adult Sarah Costume


Step into the fantasy of Labyrinth in this fabulous gown. This Labyrinth Adult Sarah Costume will give you the perfect look to journey through the maze.

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LADY OF THE LABYRINTHWhen a world of fantasy collides with your own, you’re always going to be up to your neck in adventure. You never really know what kind of quest is about to hit you until you’re in the thick of it, of course, so you might be a little underprepared. You might think that an encounter in a winding maze of shifting walls and freakish goblins means that you should be in a good pair of jeans and a flowy shirt. But… really, that’s a terrible adventure setup!When you’re headed off to confront somebody called the Goblin King in the midst of a dangerous dungeon, you need to have the right gear at your hips! You’ve basically got three choices: some form-fitting fighting clothes; a pair of sturdy overalls for the random trinkets you might be collecting; or something fashionably fanciful for your engaging encounter with the lord of the labyrinth! Of course, you can go the way of the lady and still pack the warrior wear, too!DESIGN & DETAILSOur team of costume designers weren’t able to solve the mystery of the labyrinth. But they did manage to come back with some dance magic level costume for you to roleplay as your favorite characters! This officially licensed Adult Sarah Costume is an exclusive inspiration from the Goblin King’s own royal ball. The gossamer gown has a sweetheart neckline with huge puff taffeta shoulders. No would-be queen of Jareth is complete without a crown, so this hair clip features shiny thin metallic ribbons of gold and silver that can be curled into your hair.WATCH OUT FOR THE TRASH WOMANJust remember: when you’re about to enjoy your fantastic night with Jareth the Goblin King that some folks don’t see the fantasy quite the same way. This bright and ball-ready Labyrinth gown is perfect for an eternal bliss, because who wouldn’t take Jareth over Toby, anyway!? 

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