Kung Fu Panda Toddler Po Costume


Fight back crime with the Kung Fu Panda Toddler Po Costume. Featuring a panda onesie that so soft no one might want to fight you.

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Noodle MasterAre heroes born or made? Maybe it’s a little of both. Just take Po, for example. He didn’t seem like much more than a lovable, roly-poly panda when he was working in his dad’s noodle shop, even though he secretly dreamed of being the best kung-fu master in the land. But there were glimmers of greatness under the surface, if you just looked close enough. After all, it takes someone truly great to be able to hold the record of eating the most noodles in the whole village. And while you may not be able to keep up with Po’s prodigious appetite, you can definitely relate to his yearning to become the best hero he can be and stand up for truth and justice everywhere! Now that’s the call of a true hero’s heart.Product DetailsTake your place as the Dragon Warrior in this Kung Fu Panda Toddler Po Costume. This exclusive, officially licensed costume is made of 100 percent polyester faux fur and jersey knit fabrics, and it looks just like Po! The jumpsuit has a hook-and-loop fastener at the center back, as well as a fiberfill-stuffed roll at the waist. (We figured it’d take too long for you to eat enough dumplings to get a real roll!) There’s a stuffed tail sewn to the back of the suit, along with a hood that has a faux fur outer shell and foam-backed jersey lining, with stuffing between the shell and lining for shape. The hood also has a stuffed nose and ears, as well as embroidered eyes.The Life of a HeroBeing a hero isn’t easy. There are battles to fight and innocent people to protect, and you have to always practice your kung-fu so you can keep getting better. Plus, there are an awful lot of noodles to eat! But if anyone can do it, you can!

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