Knit Zombie Beanie


Join the walking dead this Halloween by adding this vibrantly colored Zombie Knit Beanie as a costume accessory. Put on this Zombie Knit Hat and get ready to give everyone a terrifying scare!

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Binged OutWord on the street is that you’ve been binge-watching scary zombie shows and movies and now you can’t get enough? We totally get it. No judgment here. We’ve all been down that rabid, decaying rabbit hole—in fact, it’s most weeks for us here at the offices. Now you want nothing more than to be a zombie and slowly meander—nay, stumble—through the streets, groaning occasionally and terrorizing the neighbors. Again, no judgment here. We’ve been there, done that!Product DetailsWell, you don’t need to get bitten to fulfill that fantasy. This Zombie Knit Hat is the perfect add-on to your relaxed-looking zombie costume. The 100% acrylic hat features knitted-in graphics and fits most. We understand that venturing out in a zombie apocalypse seems like the thrill of a lifetime, but just trust us: that thrill likely wouldn’t last long.Brains!So the way we see it, you’ve got a few options here. First off, you could go out and find a bunch of makeup and try to give yourself this amazing look. Secondly, you could find a zombie, antagonize it until it finally takes a bite of flesh. Or finally, you could buy this cozy hat and call it a day. It’s your call. What’s it gonna be?

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