Kitty Trouble Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater


Sometimes Christmas needs a little mischief and with this Kitty Trouble Ugly Christmas Sweater you will be providing all kinds of Christmas antics. This sweater features an image of kittens with a tipped over tree and red pom strings to adorn the sleeves.

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Devilish Little AngelsCats really are the ultimate enigma. One minute, they can be adorable, perfect little angels. They cuddle up on your lap and start generating that precious purring sound that just melts your heart. The next minute, without warning they go full devil mode. They’re knocking over a full glass of water off of the shelf or shredding up the brand new curtains you put on your windows. And when Christmas time comes… that big tree full of ornaments starts to look a little like a personal jungle gym for the devilish side of any kitty cat!Product DetailsThis Kitty Trouble Ugly Christmas Sweater showcases the various kitty-cat angels engaged in some devilish behavior! The adult sweater has an all-over design that has various cats sabotaging a freshly decorated Christmas tree. If you’ve ever had a cat around the holidays, then you know exactly how true this scene feels! The knit sweater is made out of acrylic materials, and also features rib-knit sleeves and waistband the help give it a warm and cozy fit. If you love cats, Christmas, or just the dual nature of your favorite feline friends, then this adorable sweater is perfect for you!

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