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These Kitty Glasses are the perfect accessory to wear with your costume or every day for a fun look. The lenses are pink tinted and the frame is black plastic with a pink bow on it.

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Chic StreetsHaven’t you heard? Cat-chic is the new trend on Paris runways, at New York Fashion Week, and on the streets of some of the world’s most fashion-forward metropolises. We can’t say why these things come into style — who can explain the 80s neon craze or the 90s grunge look, for instance? All we know is that this is the year of the cat, and anyone who is anyone will be decked out in feline-themed accessories…if they know what’s good for them!It’s a good thing, then, that you’ve already snagged a pair of these perfect Kitty Glasses! Part costume and part cat-chic, these too-fun shades add nocturnal appeal to your sunniest days. Add them to an all-black outfit for a quick and easy costume or use them to top your outfit of the day for everyday appeal. Either way, they are simply purr-fect!Design & DetailsThis pair of glasses takes an iconic frame shape, the cat-eye, and pumps it up a notch (or ten!). This beguiling black pair has whisker-inspired spikes on the sides, pointed cat ears on top, and a too-cute pink bow that matches the pink tint of the lenses. They are cat-chic at its finest, for sure!

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