KISS Demon Boots for Men


Have you been looking for the perfect boots to complete your rock star look? These exclusive KISS Demon Boots will have you rocking and rocking the night away!

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Big Shoes to FillRock and roll owes a pretty big debt to Gene Simmons. Bass guitar in hand, devilish makeup on his face, he taught the world how to rock, but also how to roll. His rumbling bass riffs and killer vocals are something that bands have taken inspiration from for decades… and his style sense? Second to none! Only someone who rocks as hard as The Demon can walk onto the stage with a pair of boots like these. Think you have what it takes? You’d better be ready to put on a real show when you wear these KISS Demon Boots!Design & DetailsThese officially licensed boots are a Made By Us design inspired by the boots worn by the legendary frontman of KISS, Gene Simmons. The boots are made out of a black vinyl material and fit with a zipper along the side of the boot. The platform-style heels help give you some extra height on stage and the silver vinyl accents make you loo like a true rock demon! rounding out the whole look, is a panel of metal studs on top. Just pair these up with your Demon costume and you’ll be ready to rock like the legend!

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